Lapidaire museum


In 1933, the ancient and medieval sculptures stored in the courtyards and rooms of the Calvet museum were transferred to this building, originally the chapel of the Jesuit school.

This chapel, an example of superb Baroque architecture, was started by the architect, Etienne Martelange (1568 or 1569- 1641), then continued by François de Royers de la Valfenière (1575-1667), an Avignon architect who resumed the work after an eight-year hiatus.

The Chapel has a single nave, which starts with a portico and ends with the choir, made up of a short bay and a five-sided apse lined with two sacristies. On both sides of the nave there are arcades topped by galleries with openings protected by stone balustrades. A beautiful frieze sculpted with plant motifs runs along the wall above the galleries. The frieze is topped by a cornice, an attic and vast windows which formerly held stained glass and are now walled in.

The chapel continues to exude a sense of solemn majesty despite the many modifications over time as seen in the current treatment of the choir.




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